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How To Raise My Deserve Level?

How to increase your deserve level? What do you feel you deserve?

atlantis_aerial Who wouldn't want to spend two weeks at Atlantis in Bahamas?  When you understand how to increase your deserve level spending time at Atlantis is a breeze, I'm learning.  Going after...

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Simple Steps to Develop Your Action Plan

Simple Steps to Develop your action plan This month, I’ve been talking about the power of your mind and the importance of programming it to reach your dreams and goals. You’ve had some time to absorb what I’ve taught you and now it is time to develop an action plan to begin changing your thought process. Read more

How Can A Coach Help?

How Can A Coach Help? 2013-03-28 19.53.25Accept constructive criticism Your dream is precious to you, so it is your natural inclination to protect it at all costs. So, when you come across criticism, it is your natural inclination to run and remove yourself from the situation. After all,...
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Failing is it Always Bad?

Failing is it always bad? Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? It’s okay if you do, but there are some definite hangs ups you’re going to have to get over if you want to move forward in achieving your goals. The unfortunate truth is society has conditioned us since we were children not to accept failure...
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