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Trust the Process that Transforms Your Life!

Your Shortcut to Trust the Process!! Life is going to happen around us, no matter what. So, why not pursue our dreams regardless? Having the ability to remain focused on our dreams with all the hodgepodge going on around you is a skill. This skill...
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Can I Get Some Appreciation?

CHALLENGE: Appreciation Daily Appreciation is a lost art these days, can I get some appreciation? The privileges afforded to us in our western culture has almost created an entitlement mentality. Do we even understand the concept of appreciation anymore?...
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Get Simple Tip to Easily Run Your Race?

Easily Run Your Race

2013-03-28 19.53.25What stops you from easily running your race?  You and your best friend decide to run your first marathon together. You train rigorously for 6 months, gradually increasing your run miles each week to prepare your body for the 26.2...
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