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4 Quick & Easy Tips To Guide in Achieving Vision!

4 Quick & Easy Tips to Guide in Achieving Vision!

4 Quick & Easy Tips to Achieving Vision

While achieving vision is a long term endeavor, there is much more to it than simply sitting down for a couple of hours or even a couple of days and developing it. Like seeing the mountain in distance I know as I keep driving I will reach the crest of the mountain.  Don’t get me wrong, envisioning the vision is a very important part in the process because you have to learn what your vision feels like complete, before you can ever move forward into manifesting it.

But, we’ve already covered that, just go check out my blog post on Vision to let me show you more on how to develop yours. Once you have vision in your life, the next step in the process is keeping it in your eye gate and taking action because no matter how much conviction you have or how much you believe in your vision, nothing will happen to move it forward unless you take some forward moving action steps.

The next step to achieving vision is simple. Just take action, the right action.  This is seemingly the easiest step in the process, but in fact, it is the most challenging and the step where most people tend to give up. I know what you’re thinking – why would someone go through the entire process of discovering their vision and give up just as they are getting started? It’s simple, really.


Achieving Vision Takes Commitment

Everything is exciting in the beginning. But, at some point in the process, that initial excitement begins to fade and just the daily, mundane tasks of work to accomplish this vision remains. What happens to most people is they get caught up by the mundane, daily tasks necessary to accomplish their vision and they forget why they are doing what they are doing. Or, they get weary and lack consistency so they don’t see results or progression toward their vision.

How do you avoid this rut so that this doesn’t happen to you? Here are four quick & easy tips to keep you on track as you move closer to your vision:

  • project-3Keep your vision before you. Make sure you always remember the reason why you are taking action. One way to do this is to keep your vision in front of you at all times. Post pictures of your vision throughout your home and in your car. The daily action can get overlooked because it’s just become routine at times, but every time you remind yourself why you’re doing it, you are re-energized. Keep it before your eyes.
  • project-9Write it down and speak it. Have you ever heard of goal cards and affirmations? Your words have power. Write down your vision and what you see yourself accomplishing and speak it on a daily basis. Speaking these words will empower you to press forward and believe that you will see your vision come true.
  • 2014-01-03-11-59-26Stay consistent. This is another challenging thing for most people will not do, because of distractions! We are so consumed with things to do with everything from starting a business and getting a promotion to losing weight to getting to our nail appointment. The key to achieving your goals is consistency which require focus on the end goal {Goal Post}!  It’s easy to do something when we feel like doing it, but what about when we don’t? Time to recognize you do it anyway.
  • Pay Attention, that is also when the previous steps of keeping your vision before you and speaking it become even more important. There are going to be down days when you don’t feel like doing what you need to do. Press through that wall and do it anyway. Remember why you’re doing it. Stepping off your path one day, leads to two days, and then 1 week and a month and before you know it, you’ve left your vision behind you.
  • 2014-01-04-13-25-36Embrace the journey. You will encounter hiccups along the way. Don’t use this as an excuse to change or exit your vision. This is normal, but are you normal or extraordinary? Focus on 10 yards at a time!! No vision is complete without obstacles; they were made to shape you into the person you need to become to achieve your vision. Appreciate every part of your journey, the first downs, the 3 & outs, the interceptions, the field goals and the touchdowns!

Take these 4 quick and easy tips to help to move you forward toward achieving vision by applying these tips starting today!! Move forward with the action necessary to see your vision come to life. Start achieving vision by simply keeping it in your eye gate and ear gate. Remember your why!


Looking forward,


  • P.S. Bonus tip for you!  How to absolutely love achieving vision by beginning with Self-Appreciation  !!