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Can I Get Some Appreciation?

CHALLENGE: Appreciation Daily

Appreciation is a lost art these days, can I get some appreciation? The privileges afforded to us in our western culture has almost created an entitlement mentality. Do we even understand the concept of appreciation anymore? Merriam Webster defines appreciation as “a feeling of being grateful for something.” It’s not a complicated definition, yet we often struggle to put this word into action in our lives. The times we tend to lack appreciation the most is when we are in the middle of our struggle. When things are not going well in our lives, we often compound the issue by focusing more and more on the problem.

Instead, what we should be doing is appreciating what we already have. If you’re sick with a cold {warm, like me}, I understand that it’s not fun, but be thankful and appreciate that you are healthy otherwise and that you’re short term illness is not life threatening. Your job may have asked you to work overtime and you’re going to miss your child’s play this weekend. I get it; sometimes life is not fair, but appreciate the fact that you have a job to provide for your child to get them what they need or you may decide that being an entrepreneur is for you, but you don’t know where to begin. Then appreciate that you have a desire and believe your answers will be provided.

Can I Get Some Appreciation?

Life is always perfect; and it is fair, based on the vibration that you are emitting, be appreciative of that and you will notice that your world will begin to balance out right before your eyes!! No matter how dire your situation may appear to be, there is always someone who has it a little worse than you, not that their situation should make you feel any better, but you can see where your appreciation can flow. During this time of Valentine’s Day, take some time to appreciate what you have, even if it is just your ability to breathe. Next, I want to challenge you to do something a little more different. Take time to appreciate yourself, by stopping taking a conscious look at what you have to be. We are more guilty of taking ourselves for granted than anything else. When was the last time you gave yourself a real pat on the back? Take the time to do it now. There is at least one small accomplishment you should be proud of everyday if not every hour.

Yes, I Can Get Some Appreciation!

In our fast paced lives, we move from one task to another, never taking the time to stop and appreciate how far we’ve come in accomplishing our goals. Yes, the goal is to get from A to Z. But, if you’ve made it to G, celebrate that success. No, you’re not at your end goal, but you’ve accomplished something and you should be proud of that. No matter what our goals are in life, I believe we get there and then we receive another desire to go further in life. So, once you do reach that big goal or dream you’re shooting for, it’s a great accomplishment, but then your dream just gets bigger from there. You have to take time to reflect on the journey and enjoy the ride. You don’t have to wait until you achieve a really big milestone to celebrate yourself. Appreciate every small moment in the journey to your goals. Success is just a series of small decisions we make along the way to reach our goals. You should be proud of each and every one of those small decisions that you make.

I will tell you for sure Yes, you can get some appreciation from the best avenue ever!! The most important way to get some appreciation is for it to come from the a source that will never let you down. YOU!! Who, better than you to begin with to give the best person some words of gratitude and love? Nobody, just you!! When you are comfortable with words of appreciation coming from you, when words that are not as positive as you would like them to be come from others you become immune to them because you know your true value!! Take the time today to celebrate at least one small accomplishment from this past week. Be thankful for all that you have and all that you have to give.

Can I get some appreciation, Yes!!! Give it to yourself!

This week’s challenge: Daily or hourly (your choice) Select one (1) accomplishment to appreciate yourself for and celebrate it big ~ At least, for the first time GO BIG!! You deserve it!!