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Caught Up In Your Emotions, What?

Caught Up In Your Emotions, What?

When getting caught up emotions are finally addressed, what is the first thing that comes to your mind?  Have you ever thought about how your emotions are at the root of everything you be, do or have? The saying “don’t get caught up in your emotions” is straight from Miss Leading! The idea of people telling others that bit of information is doing an injustice to those people. Prayerfully many people will not believe it. I have heard people say that and always wondered if they believed it. The thought of not getting caught up in your emotions is well beyond my comprehension because our emotions are pretty much providing us with everything we need to know. It is our human GPS system, it tells us whether we feel good about a situation or not. Whether we feel bad about a good deal or not… so why would people tell us to not get caught up in our emotions?

Emotions ARE the difference maker!

There are some emotions within us that are constant, emotions that drive us to act positively and move forward on our dreams. Examples of these emotions are love, passion and happiness. The decision to go after our dream is a huge endeavor. In this case, we should tap into our inner emotions to determine if our endeavor is a right fit for us. For example, if our dream does not ignite a passion within us, we probably have not horned into the best dream to pursue. One of the key emotional ingredients to a dream is passion. It should drive us and make us feel something. But, these feelings should be positive. If the dream we’ve chosen is not invoking positive emotions, it might be time to go back to the drawing board and determine what is a good fit for us. It should make us feel like the purpose of achieving this goal is so worth the effort.

The identity caught up emotions plays!

Have you ever looked at someone and can almost tell what they are thinking? Our emotions help us to communicate with ourselves and other. Our face give it away every time unless we are excellent at masking our emotions. A person’s facial expression is the best indicator of what their emotions are telling them or you. When you become tuned into how a person is expressing themselves with their eyes, mouth, and forehead you will know how to continue your conversation with them. The average person is not paying any attention to how a person is expressing themselves, they are too busy creating their own dialogue for when the person shuts up so they can say it. It’s rather funny when you think about it!

How can you read caught up emotions?

Knowing how to create your conversation with others is every much dependent upon your emotions, by understanding your own emotions you can better understand those around you. By this I mean we definitely need to get caught up in our emotions so will understand us as well as those around us. Here’s an example, when I speak to someone about their new car like I say “I had that type car when I was 18!” thinking I am creating a common bond with someone and their eyes get smaller and create a wrinkle right over their nose” they maybe thinking that I am putting them down like that is a teenager type car, So I would know to say, wow they have truly have made this car a better version of the one I had… this make the person feel better about their decision to buy that car.

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