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Failing is it Always Bad?

Failing is it always bad?

Do you consider yourself a perfectionist? It’s okay if you do, but there are some definite hangs ups you’re going to have to get over if you want to move forward in achieving your goals. The unfortunate truth is society has conditioned us since we were children not to accept failure in our lives. Have you ever heard the phrase, “failure is not an option?” If failure were not an option, where would we be in life? Chances are we’d still be crawling on the floor because how many times did you fall down while you were learning to walk as a baby?

We’d still be lighting candles for illumination because Thomas Edison failed many times before inventing the light bulb. What if he’d given up? One of the greatest heroes in our country, Abraham Lincoln, failed many times in his journey to presidency. What if he’d given up and never signed the Emancipation Proclamation? Would that affect where you and your family are today? Take a minute to think about the greats in our history and our present and you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common. They all failed. Now, I know it seems like an oxymoron to fail in order to succeed, but in actuality, it makes perfect sense.
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You see, if you are not willing to fail, to make mistakes, that simply implies that you are just static in life, that you are not moving forward. If you are doing anything, of course you’re going to fail. The only way you don’t fail is if you simply do nothing. And, I know that’s not your goal in life or you wouldn’t be reading this article. The first step in moving forward toward your goals is doing something, even if it’s messy in the beginning. It doesn’t matter how many mistakes you make or how much you stumble over yourself in the beginning because by starting, you are moving forward. As you make mistakes, you learn from them. Failure is only bad when you choose not to learn from it.

Failure is it Fun?

Let’s face it, failure is not necessarily a fun process. You fall down on your face. It can be painful. Remember learning to ride a bike? How many scratches and bruises did you get because you fell? Did you still get back on your bike? Why? Because you had a goal to learn to ride your bike. It’s no different with your goals. You’re going to get bruised and scarred along the way, but it’s all part of the process, part of your story.

Your ability to get back up after you’ve been knocked down tests your tenacity in going after your goals. It also slowly rises you above your peers in society because a lot of people let the fear of failure or the pain of failure beat them down and they allow this fear to become bigger than their dreams and goals. So, they give up. But, not you! You endure the punches and persevere because you know the prize is greater than the pain. And quite frankly, the entire process of failing forward is not all painful. Sometimes it can be a bit fun because you learn to laugh at yourself a little bit and not take things so seriously. You learn to let go and just go through the process. And, when you do this, the journey becomes more fun, bumps, bruises and all, and shouldn’t it be? After all, you’re building your story and the legacy that your grandchildren will talk about.

Always looking forward,


P.S. Just remember as Les Brown says, if you fall, fall on your back because if you can look up you can get up!!!  And Let's talk more about it over coffee!