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Get Simple Tip to Easily Run Your Race?

Easily Run Your Race

2013-03-28 19.53.25What stops you from easily running your race?  You and your best friend decide to run your first marathon together. You train rigorously for 6 months, gradually increasing your run miles each week to prepare your body for the 26.2 mile trek. You lift weights and do cardio in alternating rhythms daily, in addition to your focused prep to easily run your race you’ll increase your body’s endurance. You change your eating habits and start consuming lean proteins, greens and protein shakes. You take the commitment to run your first marathon seriously and want to go into it prepared.

Your best friend on the other hand has chosen not to train with you, despite your pleas to have her join you. On a good week, she might get to the gym once and run on the treadmill for about 30 minutes before she tires. She has a terrible eating habit of burgers and pizza. How serious do you think she is taking this marathon commitment?

On the day of the marathon, you’re prepared to easily run your race and ready to put to test all of the training you’ve been doing to get ready for this day. Your friend shows up nonchalantly at the race ready to run, even though she hasn’t run more than 2 miles at a time in the last 6 months.

The race begins and you both take off together. You’ve learned to pace yourself because it is a long race and you don’t want to tire easily. Your friend, a little more ambitious, takes off like a bolt of lightning ahead of you, giving it all she’s got. She looks back at you as run keep your steady pace, wondering why you don’t attempt to catch up to her, but you just keep going at your pace.

By mile 8, you’re tired but still moving. Your friend ran out of your sight line a couple of miles ago. But, it doesn’t take long for you to catch up to her because at mile 12, she is on the side lines with cramps.

She informs you that she will be unable to finish the race, and because she’s your best friend, she wants your sympathy and doesn’t think you should continue either. After all, she’s your best friend, and this is just a stupid race. But, is it?  By now you feel your preparation has you easily running your race.  Would you have trained for 6 long months for something that really meant nothing to you? I think not!

Easily Run Your Race Moral

What’s the moral of this story? When you develop your own vision for your life, remember it’s your vision. In this story, your vision was not just to prepare for the race. Running and finishing the marathon is the goal. However, your friend did not have as strong of a vision for doing this. It was just something she was doing but not necessarily committed to. No matter how much you love or care for someone, you cannot run their race for them. You cannot give them vision, you certainly can’t give them your vision. They have to develop their own vision. And sometimes, they will not buy into your vision; but, that doesn’t mean that you stop pressing forward.

It all starts inside of your own imagination, from the late Dr. Wayne Dyer “you’ll see it when you believe it”.  Stand firm with your vision for your life, despite distractions and obstacles that challenge you. The awesome quote I love from Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, “you can observe distractions without becoming distracted by them”.  The constant realization is pay close attention to whether you are being drawn into the distraction or simply recognizing it, to continue focusing on the desired result (TIP).  Realize that others must come to this realization for themselves and learn to easily run their own race. Now, go easily run your race all the way to your finish line!