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How Can A Coach Help?

How Can A Coach Help?

2013-03-28 19.53.25Accept constructive criticism

Your dream is precious to you, so it is your natural inclination to protect it at all costs. So, when you come across criticism, it is your natural inclination to run and remove yourself from the situation. After all, we’ve discussed the importance of staying away from negativity to move forward into your dreams and goals. We’ve also discussed the fact that you moving out of your comfort zone to achieve your dreams will make people around your uncomfortable, therefore, turning them into naysayers. However, all criticism is not considered negative. Some criticism can take you from a 5 in what you’re doing to a 9 or a 10. But, it depends on its context, where it is coming from and how you are thinking when it is received.

Receiving constructive criticism is a natural part of growth. Let’s face it – you’re not thinking you’re doing everything perfectly. There should be someone in your life who serves as a coach to help you stay on track toward your goals, a course corrector of sorts. This person should be someone you trust, but they should also be someone who has fruit on their tree. After all, why would you want to take advice and criticism from someone who has not even achieved the level of success you have already in your life? Your parents and your friends may be great supporters of your dream and forward progress, but are they further in life than you? Accept their support. You need that. But, be choosy about who you accept advice and criticism from. And, let’s be clear here – the criticism should be constructive. Plain, ordinary criticism does not help you move forward. It discourages you and sometimes causes you to even doubt yourself. This is the type of criticism you want to avoid.

Constructive criticism is just that. It is meant to build you up, to help you grow. Constructive criticism identifies a problem but also suggests a solution to solve the problem, the opposite of plain criticism. That is the purpose of having a coach and mentor in your life. They are not always going to tell you things that you necessarily want to hear, because sometimes hearing criticism can be painful. You may have certain ideals on how you want to do something, but your coach may direct you to do it in a different way that will be more beneficial for you. That’s why it is so important that your coach has experience or success in the area you are trying to grow into. It’s very difficult for someone to give you constructive criticism that will really help you if they haven’t been where you’re trying to go.

Be Open to How a Coach Can Help!

Is that to say that you completely ignore any constructive criticism or advice that you may receive from someone who is not in this position? Not necessarily. My advice to you is to take it with a grain of salt. If you have a mentor that you’re working with, and you think the concerns brought to your attention are valid, share it with your mentor and evaluate it from there. If you receive constructive criticism from a family member or close friend, they may be airing a valid concern that they want you to consider so that you can be more successful, kudos! Evaluate your gut feeling about their motives, to determine if the criticism is meant to build you up or break you down. They may want you to be successful and have valid concerns but lack the experience to help you develop a solution. So, remember, criticism is extremely important in helping you move to the next level in your goals and dreams. Just make sure it is the right kind of criticism from the right people.

Most importantly, ensure you are coachable and in a spirit of receiving coaching from your mentor to take yourself to a place that is for your highest and best good.

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P.S. When you are in the process of receiving coaching from a place of value for you, your transformation will happen quicker than you can even imagine... and Let's talk more over coffee about it!