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Is Vision Really Required?

Is Vision Really Required?

Is Vision Really Required for Achievement?

Why vision is really required is because “People parish for lack of Vision.” This is a quote from a very famous book, and it’s true. You have to know where you’re going and this requires vision. It’s not enough to just set a goal, write it down and expect it to happen. You need to have vision. You have to see it and feel it complete first.

vision really required

vision really required

This is a challenge for people that need to see evidence and proof of anything before they believe it will happen, which essentially defines the masses. However, to accomplish anything significant or great in your life, you will need vision. Vision is one of the greatest qualities of famous entrepreneurs like Henry Ford, the Wright Brothers and Ray Croc.

Each of these men saw success well before anyone else saw it. I love the story of the Wright Brothers. In a time where society thought flying was incredulous, they went against the grain and proved that they could build an airplane that could take flight. And, it’s a good thing that they had such great vision and did not listen to everyone who told them they couldn’t do it. Could you imagine life without airplanes today? What about McDonald’s? Did you know that Ray Croc’s first wife left him because she did not buy into his vision? Thank God, he did not let her disbelief affect the vision he had for this great franchise. With over 32,000 locations today, Croc’s vision has created entrepreneurs with his franchise model and continues to create jobs in our economy.

Did you know that Mary Kay Ash was the talk of all the gossip because she was having parties in her home and not tending to her son, or so they thought she wasn’t. Her son has since retired from Mary Kay International Corporate along with more women becoming millionaires though Mary Kay than any other direct sales company’s.

These are just a few examples of people who had vision and what their vision has produced for our society. What is your vision for your goals? Every other person will not see or feel what you know; it’s your vision. It often takes a while for everyone else to catch on to your vision because as I mentioned earlier, most people need to see proof before they believe something is real. A visionary does not need proof. They build their dream on faith because they see and believe in their vision. Make sure your vision is not dependent on everyone buying into it.

Is Your Vision Really Required?

To be a visionary does require courage. It means going against the grain because everyone will not always understand your vision. If you have support for your vision, that is great, but some may not believe in what you know to do or they simply may not see it. That’s okay. Press forward anyway. Opposition is a natural part of dream chasing. It means you must really be on to something so keep going. If you ever feel yourself getting frustrated because others don’t see your vision or what you’re about to accomplish, think back to great visionaries like Ray Croc, the Wright Brothers, Henry Ford and Mary Kay Ash.

Each of these great people faced opposition from their peers. People did not believe in them or their vision. Some of their closest friends and relatives abandoned them, but they pressed on. As a result, we have the famous Big Mac, airplanes, the Ford enterprise, and world renowned skin care products. Life would be very different if these people did not stay true to their vision. How different would the future be if you gave up on your vision?

The ability to attract into your life all the thing your vision shows you that you’d love to have is a science. Most people are not open to believing their vision is possible. Are you one of those people who think only those other people are the ones lucky enough to have what they want? You are just as much deserving of your vision as they are, right? The simple thought process of believing you have what your vision shows you, is what stops most people from receiving their vision. Because thought doesn’t cost you anything most people doesn’t think it is valuable. Oh, but you’re wrong with you think that… Read the strangest secret by Earl Nightingale to get a quick lesson on making significant changes in your life!

Yes, this is Why Vision IS Required!

P.S. Take a little time to progress your life further up the path to your vision by setting and clearly seeing your vision accomplished on a daily basis.