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Reflect on What Makes Life Work?

2015-05-22 19.19.30Too often, we labor over how far we have to go and forget to reflect and celebrate how far we’ve come. Today, I want you to take a moment and grasp the importance of reflection during your journey to determine what makes life work. Merriam...

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Why 5 Baby Steps are Key to Your Results?

2006-01-17 23.22.05Why 5 Baby Steps are Key to Your Results?
Learn the Results of Trusting Baby Steps to Achieve Your Goals The road to your dreams is a long and adventurous journey, but the reward of achievement is paved with joy. That’s not to say that you don’t...
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Simple Steps to Develop Your Action Plan

Simple Steps to Develop your action plan This month, I’ve been talking about the power of your mind and the importance of programming it to reach your dreams and goals. You’ve had some time to absorb what I’ve taught you and now it is time to develop an action plan to begin changing your thought process. Read more

Your Thoughts Speak!! Are They Delivering Your Message?

Your thoughts Speak! 2015-02-14 22.08.52In this month’s series, I’ve been discussing the fact that your thoughts have power; therefore, you must be careful to think about what you’re thinking about. However, what has even more power than your thoughts are your spoken words. You brain follows a...
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