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Quickly Use These 3 Tips to Boost Your Self-Appreciation!

Quickly Use these 3 Tips to Boost Your Self-Appreciation!

2013-03-17 17.18.55The easiest and quickest way to find out how much we appreciate ourselves is listening how we talk to ourselves on the inside... have you noticed lately? In order to notice it, we must pay close attention to what we are saying when we look in the mirror, when we catch a glimpse of our reflection in the shiny windows, and as we pass a person who we think has it all together… what are the thoughts that cross your mind then? Have you ever wanted more appreciation from others? The best way to get it is from your own self-appreciation. Then watch how others will begin to appreciate you!

“An ability to understand the worth, quality or importance of something” – that is how Merriam Webster defines appreciation. Do you feel that way about yourself? Do you know your worth? Often, as we dwell on the art of appreciation, we focus on the appreciation of things and people in our lives. While this is definitely important to do, we neglect the most important person we should always appreciate – ourselves.

is it so hard to give ourselves a pat on the back? This is not about being cocky or over confident. Rather, this is about recognizing the work that we’re putting in on a daily basis to achieve our dreams and acknowledging that. Recognition and praise from others is great, but don’t rely on this to show appreciation for what you’ve done or how far you’ve come. You must first learn to demonstrate self-love and self-appreciation. For example, when you ride on an airplane, the flight attendants instruct you that in the case of an emergency, to secure your own mask to before helping others. This example applies to so many other areas of our lives, doesn’t it? After all, how can we help and inspire others before we help ourselves?

Appreciation is no different. Until we truly learn to appreciate ourselves and what we have to offer, how can we really appreciate others or even teach others the art of appreciation? I understand that this can be a difficult concept to grasp because to focus on yourself may seem a bit selfish. However, lack of focus on yourself when you need to is actually depriving the world of what you have to offer, and that is the true definition of selfish.

1) Offer Yourself Small Rewards!
You deserve to be celebrated, to take the time out to appreciate what you have to offer. It is a worthy exercise. One way to show self-appreciation is to offer yourself small rewards for your accomplishments on the way to your dream. For example, whether you’re in a relationship or not, schedule a date night with yourself. Reward yourself with your favorite treat, like ice cream or frozen yogurt. If your goal is weight loss oriented, maybe engage in a favorite activity like laser tag to go-karting. Do something fun and show yourself how proud you are of what you’ve done so far.
2) Program Your Mind Everyday!
Like a computer, your mind responds to programming. Rewards and appreciation for good behavior stimulates more good behavior. You’re in control of this. Remember, you don’t need the validation of others to celebrate your success. As a matter of fact, sometimes you will have to learn to celebrate yourself in spite of opposition you may receive from naysayers. Keep your eye on the prize and never forget what you’re accomplishing. Become comfortable with yourself; spend time with yourself; appreciate who you are and who you are becoming. This is vital to your success in achieving your goals because if you do not believe in yourself and your abilities, you will not make it very far.

3) Say “I Appreciate You!” To You!!
So, take some time today to appreciate yourself. Think about what you’ve accomplished in the last week that you should be proud of. Now, reward yourself!

Always Looking Forward,

P.S. This is YOUR life and we are awaiting your grand appearance so we can learn from your awesome gifts that were placed inside you when you got here!!! Let’s enjoy life together… connect with me!!
2013-03-17 17.18.55