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How To Raise My Deserve Level?

How to increase your deserve level?
What do you feel you deserve?

Who wouldn't want to spend two weeks at Atlantis in Bahamas?  When you understand how to increase your deserve level spending time at Atlantis is a breeze, I'm learning.  Going after your dreams doesn’t have to be hard work! It does requires drive, tenacity, energy and focus. And let’s face it – while it is exhilarating to chase your dreams, it is also empowering. One of the biggest pitfalls that many people face as they are in the midst of chasing their dreams is feeling that they are not worthy.

        We’ve talked about setting goals outside of your comfort zone, so chances are you have some dreams and goals that are so big they scare you. That’s okay – you’re supposed to feel that way. That is a key indicator that you are dreaming big. Stay vigilant that fear and intimidation does not lead to a feeling of unworthiness. Sometimes when you don’t have an exact path or science as to how you’re going to achieve your dreams, you begin to doubt your success in getting there. That’s where faith and a path that you believe in comes in.

How does your deserve level grow?

        So what if you’ve never written a book before! Start now. Write the first page. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never owned your own business before. Ray Croc and Sam Walton started with one. Don’t allow your dream to overwhelm you. Start with a big vision, but then break it down into small, bite sized pieces so that you can digest it. Think of it like this. A brand new baby starts out on its mother’s milk, then they move to cereal and pureed food as they start to get older.

        Once they mature and start growing teeth, they move onto solid foods. When you first get started, no matter how big your vision is, your dream is a baby. It’s not quite ready for solid food yet. Nurture that baby dream and feed it and it will become a teenager. But, like a newborn baby, nurturing this dream may seem exhausting. You may find yourself tired, lacking sleep because of all the attention this baby dream needs. But, when you see the impact it is making and how you feel living in your purpose, it is all worth it.

Deserving rewards!

        Don’t get weary in well doing. Realize that you arrived here with a purpose and you do deserve to live it and succeed. Envision it as you would like to live it! As you’re doing this, remember to reward yourself along the way. We will discuss this in more detail this month, but it is important that you take the time to pat yourself on the back when you hit your goals. Although, the big, monumental goals is rewarding those small step toward the big goal is a great time to reward yourself, as well. If you’ve been waiting years to write your first book, celebrate something as small as the completion of the first page. I know this seems minute, but this is progress. Sometimes the first step is the hardest, and that’s where your bestselling novel all starts.

Increase your deserve level by celebrating.

        So, my advice to you this month is celebrate yourself. Remember your dreams are supposed to scare you so you know they are stretching you outside of your comfort zone! Be encouraged by it and realized that it was crafted for your next level action. There are people in this world that only you were meant to impact. Be encouraged by the responsibility that has been placed on your shoulders. Live in your purpose. Be proud of who you are. Realize that you are worthy and believe in your destiny!

Live Well,