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What is Your Self-Care Plan? Is it Working?

What is your Self-WellnessCare Plan?  Is it working?

Do you have a self-care plan? Are you understanding what having a plan means?  When you take the time to put a plan in place that will accentuate the little steps you need for taking great care of you, your life changes.  This post gives you 3 quick strategies to have in your plan to achieve your goals, if you don't have a plan in place already!

First, self-care plan strategy, noticing you are the person responsible for your entire life is where you get to experiment with some interesting concepts. Meditate on what you would like your life to look like.  This is when we have an opportunity to enjoy life more by conducting several experiments every day.  You can think about how long it will take you to prepare your day or you can decide about reaching the level of success you desire as you experiments.  The choice is your!  Your plan may look a little like this:

  • Can I get the same amount of projects done with 30 min prep as 1 hr. prep?
  • Does success look as glorious with no goals as it does with 2 simple goal?

To break down just these simple difference can change you life, our challenge is taking the time to break down our own thinking to design our goals before we attempt to take off into the day.

  • Example: My goal ~  30 min. concentrated effort toward one project then change to another project to avoid project burnout.  By setting up your stopwatch for 30 min. and going at it with one project at a time.  Then let me know how you are progressing on my social media.

This may help with your personal respect for who you are and how you are accomplishing your desires!

Second, self-care plan strategy, spend time affirming your own personal thoughts about who you really are everyday.  When you look into who you have become since you haven't purposely made yourself the priority daily.  We tend to give more attention to what we think is more important then us.  Let's start to place ourselves at the core of our priority strategy on a daily basis, we will begin to feel more understood by not only those around us be by he person we decide to be.

When we take an active look at our own thoughts when we begin to affirm that we are open to thinking that we are not sure if what we think about us is 100% correct or can it be possible that there is another way of thinking.  When we open ourselves up to the potential possibilities our thoughts may be telling us a skewed result about who we are.

  • Example: my inner thoughts my tell us that we cannot do something or someone will not like us when we speak our true thoughts  ~ but is this 100% true?  We don't know that to be true so why would we continue to think about it as if it is true? You can choice to think differently at any moment.

Understanding Your Self-Care Plan is a Strategy

Third, self-care plan strategy, Loving who you are enough. To understand whether the power of self love gives rise to a person you totally decide yourself to be everyday.  Will loving who we are at this moment mean your experiment will give great results?  When you study yourself by noticing what you are thinking.  How it will change the outcome you see and are decide you willing to change the way you think?

Some tend to believe that our beliefs are not changeable by our own thoughts, but when we experiment with our beliefs we see that change is inevitable by what we think.  The more you change your thought patterns about your love for yourself the more your life changes toward the thoughts you have concentrated on believing.

  • Example: We can simply create this change by looking at a little tiny step at a time, like deciding to have a great day before anything can change you mind in the day... will you remain steadfast to your first decision?

What is your Self-Care plan?  Is it working?

Well, what is your self-care plan? Is it working for you? It will when you notice the highlighted words Meditate, Affirming, and Loving yourself.  These simple words will move you life volumes into a realm that is unbelievable for great success.  I wish you more success than you have ever imagined before.  I give you these strategy tips to easily develop your own self-care plan and have it work out well for you.

Connect with me on my social media so we can chat more about this! Let me know if this was valuable for you?