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Serve Others!

Serve others!                                                   Receive on the back end!

2012-10-18 17.23.56There is a tendency in the business world and beyond to look out for oneself when climbing the ladder to success, no matter who you have to step on to get there. And, while you may think this has worked well for some,  it will not take you far energetically. Those who step on others to reach their goals never actually achieve true respect and admiration from their peers. They are never truly perceived as good leaders. After all, leaders do not lead by force or persuasion. People choose to follow authentic leader, and as a result, they are able to influence and impact those people beyond measure. If your goal involves other people, and most likely it does, do you have a goal to lead people or simply manage them? Even if your goal does not involve direct leadership, you will have an indirect impact on others by what you do and how you choose to do it. How do you want to be perceived? As a leader or a manager? Understand that there is a distinct difference.

Many of those who are successful in their goals, yet have no regard for others typically are not perceived as good leaders, but in some cases are regarded as managers still in training to become leaders. They know how to manage tasks and their focus is on driving those tasks to get them done, without a regard for how they do it. The people they work with follow them not by choice but by obligation, for fear of losing their position; however, they don’t respect or admire this person. If you are comfortable with this position, then you don’t need to worry about developing relationships with people and making them a priority when working toward your goals. However, if you want to have influence, you need to understand one of the basic fundamentals of leadership.

Serve others first!

One of the basic fundamentals of leadership is serving others first. Yes, you have a goal that you want to accomplish and you should work toward accomplishing that goal, but never at the expense of others. Take the time to focus on serving others. Most goals should include a component that involves serving other people, even if it seems a like a very personal goal. For example, weight loss it seems like a very personal goal, and sometimes as you work toward this goal, it is very frustrating when things are not going quite as you planned. One of the best ways to solve this problem of frustration is to take your eyes off yourself and put it on someone else. Perhaps you know someone else who looking to lose weight and you can volunteer your time to encourage them and share some of your experiences and then work to achieve your goals together. Or, maybe you can volunteer to speak to a civic group about eating healthy and exercising. By doing these things you are not only helping others, but fueling your own confidence to move forward with your goals. You also gain support in in your goals and cause because as personal of a goal as weight loss is, it’s hard to achieve completely on your own.

Sometimes the simple fact of taking your eyes off yourself to focus on others seems counterproductive. But, it is often an eye opening experience that propels your success forward for a couple of reasons. First, by putting others first, you are gaining allies and support of others in achieving your own goals because you’ve put time and effort into helping them achieve theirs. Second, by taking the time to invest in other people, you build your own confidence in your ability to move forward with your goals, especially in cases when you hit the wall.

So, always adopt the Zig Ziglar philosophy when moving forward with your dreams, “if you help enough people accomplish their dreams, you’ll accomplish yours.” Take your eyes off yourself, and watch your dreams soar!

With Gratitude & Love,


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