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Trust the Process that Transforms Your Life!

Your Shortcut to Trust the Process!!

Life is going to happen around us, no matter what. So, why not pursue our dreams regardless? Having the ability to remain focused on our dreams with all the hodgepodge going on around you is a skill. This skill can be learned and mastered when we are ready to concentrate on ourselves! Understanding that our concentration on ourselves will ultimately free millions of people in the long run. It will not change the circumstances or challenges from entering your life, but it will guide us into heights unknown. It’s funny that many people think that once they make a decision to get their life on track and move forward with purpose and focus that everything will just fall into place, like a perfect puzzle piece. But, the truth is, that rarely happens when you are not tuned into your inner being that is always guiding you. What actually happens when you make this big life decision is quite the opposite when your focus is on what others are or not doing. You are often struck with more opposition and challenges than you were faced with before. This is the first test of your belief.

1. Know what to focus on
2. Belief that there is a process
3. Understanding how to trust the process
4. Realize the power your thoughts have

Belief is the Key

Your belief in you, your trust in your higher power, and your wherewithal to act on the nudges you’re tuned into from your high power determines the ease of trusting the process. Most of us are not able to listen to our own thoughts, let alone listening deeper to hear when we are given nudges from God. Our own beliefs from our past have kept us stuck in many ways, but we know in our heart of hearts, that we are capable of displaying our brilliance. When we tune into the awareness of these beliefs that have limited us for many years, just the simple awareness will begin to open new neural pathways in our brain. With the opening of new neural pathways will have the opportunity to achieve levels that we could not see possible before. When we recognize our own beliefs that are with us every day and begin to challenge them with questions that will help us to deliver more value in our life, to experience more joy and to enhance the lives of those who are attracted to us. The fact that simply noticing what we are thinking about and not living our life on auto-pilot will transform our entire surroundings.
Understand what’s in a Name!

Trust Your Higher Power!

The ability to trust our higher power that was placed in us before the foundation of the earth will create a turning point in our live that will cause our life to look totally different within ninety days to six months. This trust has to be similar to you knowing you are able to either put one foot in front of the other to walk or lift up a cup of water without it being too heavy for you to hold. That same trust in your higher power, God, Elohim, El Shaddai, or whatever name you have decided is the name for your higher power. The name is not what you should get caught up with, just like water is called by many names; ocean, river, bay, creek, bath, the main point is when you emerge your body in it, you will get wet, correct! So the name is not relevant, when you emerge yourself in the divine energy you will get freedom! TRUST!! Taking the guess work out of what name someone uses to describe their divine power, source, universe, God is when we begin to free ourselves from the distraction of moving forward in our own life, instead of getting caught up by what other’s name their spiritual guidance or not.

How to Trust the Process!

An important part of trusting the process to move forward begins with being aware of your current belief systems, why you think what you think? Knowing, I mean truly recognizing when your thoughts are going of course and focusing right then to correct your thought process. Realizing when you take the time to have a pity party, it needs to be for a specified number of seconds, like 30 second, then creating your own signal that will allow you to create your “move forward” word. You know like a “Go Word” that most criminals have… because it is criminal when we allow ourselves to settle for less than our best… why not set yourself up for the best you can be? Let’s say your “go word” is “double-dutch” when you know your thoughts are showing you a picture that is not congruent with your vision you stop immediately and begin seeing yourself jumping “double-dutch”!!! Which will create new and different neural pathways that will guide you directly to your vision you have on your vision board and the clear picture you have envisioned thousands of times!

Trust the process!!

Eyvette W. J. Turner