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Why 5 Baby Steps are Key to Your Results?

2006-01-17 23.22.05Why 5 Baby Steps are Key to Your Results?

Learn the Results of Trusting Baby Steps to Achieve Your Goals

The road to your dreams is a long and adventurous journey, but the reward of achievement is paved with joy. That’s not to say that you don’t deserve to reward yourself along the way. If you don’t take the time to capture the small rewards along the way, you may become weary early in the process, sacrificing progress towards your goals. Getting weary is not uncommon. Deciding to go after your dreams and goals is the easiest part of the process. Following through is what will require courage, effort and endurance. You will endure trials and you will be tested along the way. The path to your dreams no matter what they may be is most definitely the road less traveled. Too many are afraid to step out of their comfort zones or lack the persistence to see things through when faced with challenges and difficulty. If you’ve made the decision to follow your dreams and not quit, consider yourself among the elite few that have and will shape the world we live in today.


However, making the decision not to quit is just that – a decision. Your actions behind that decision are what will guide you down the pathway to achieve your dreams. As you walk that pathway, it is imperative that you take the time to stop and smell the roses. Without the small moments of appreciation, it is easy to become discouraged and fall off course. So, first of all, take some time to appreciate yourself and the incredible journey you’re on. Challenges on the road to achieve your dream can often lead to discouragement. This is when perspective is your best friend. When you are faced with these times, don’t focus on how difficult your challenges are that you are dealing with right now.  Rather, I remember to take some time to reflect on how far you’ve come.


When you are working toward a long term goal or destination, it is easy for our vision to become blurred. In the midst of the reaching our goals, we fail to see the progress we’re making by taking consistent action on a daily basis. A simple moment of reflection will reveal a lot to you. You might be thinking that you’re not making progress, that you’re not getting anywhere. But, if you take the time to look at where you started, I think you will be pretty amazed to see how far you’ve come. Don’t focus on how long you have yet to go; take a moment to appreciate how far you’ve come. Remember you’re on a journey and three-quarters of the excitement about pursuing your dream is not reaching the destination, it is enjoying the journey.

Examples of Baby Steps

Example: The joy of setting a goal action activity that can be considered a “Baby Step” to become more charismatic is something like:

  • two (2) smiles at someone you don’t know every day for 30 days
  • two (2) compliments to someone you just met for 30 days
  • three (3) times a day tell yourself something great about you out loud for 30 days


Now as you take these baby steps and take the time to reflect on how far you’ve come, remember to reward yourself for these small steps you’ve taken. Set small incremental goals for yourself that will allow you to celebrate these baby steps you’re taking toward your goal. Small baby steps compounded over time will yield you the results you’re looking for. Stay consistent and enjoy the journey!


Can you see why baby steps are the keys to achieving you goals?  Once you've accomplished these little goals consistently then you can increase and move them up a bit each time.  Before you know it you'll have surpassed your original goal and on to bigger and better goal setting.  If you're anything like me, you want your goal achieved not now, but right now!  However, when we slow it down and concentrate on the simple tasks and realize we can accomplish them consistently, then we will be comfortable with breaking down larger goals.

Happy Results,