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Your Thoughts Speak!! Are They Delivering Your Message?

Your thoughts Speak!

2015-02-14 22.08.52In this month’s series, I’ve been discussing the fact that your thoughts have power; therefore, you must be careful to think about what you’re thinking about. However, what has even more power than your thoughts are your spoken words. You brain follows a process that eventually leads to action in your life. Continued thoughts lead to spoken words which lead to actions. This process can work for your good or your demise. That is why it is so important to steer the direction of your thoughts first. Despite how skilled we become at controlling our thoughts, negative thoughts still creep into the mind. Learn to combat those thoughts with positive words.

For example, as you are working to reach your goals, you may battle self-doubt and your thoughts may tell you something like, “who am I kidding? There’s no way I’ll be able to this.” The only way to combat negative thoughts is with positive words. Something happens in the brain when you speak words out of your mouth. In this case, you confess an affirmation like, “I am strong. I am capable. I am achieving my goals and dreams.” The best is to ask yourself the question according to St. John, this is an affirmation. “Why am I so strong?” Why am I so capable?” “ Why am I achieving my goals and dreams with ease?” In the beginning, this may feel a little strange or out of place, but as it becomes a habit, you will begin to see the power it has over your life. You are remodeling your mind, and your mind is a powerful tool, more powerful than any computer device. So, just imagine what you can accomplish with it when you program the right things in it.

Are Your Thoughts Delivering Your Message?

So, the next step in accomplishing your dreams and goals and making them real, is convincing yourself that those goals and dreams are real. You must believe in you before anyone else will. You do this by first conditioning your mind to believe you are capable of achieving these dreams. You then follow those thoughts up with daily affirmations/afformations. What you will notice is as you get in the habit of speaking positive affirmations on a daily basis, your confidence will grow.

As your confidence grows, you will be inspired to go out and take more action to move you closer to your dream. Your “definiteness of purpose” becomes clearer each day, and you feel more equipped and capable of achieving your biggest dreams and goals. As you move closer to achieving your dreams, you will see obstacles that will challenge your faith and your confidence. As these obstacles hit, you will have to stay cognizant of fear and doubt in your mind. Remember, as negativity creeps into your mind, remain consistent to change your thoughts to what is easier to appreciate. The best way to soften your negative thoughts is with appreciating what’s going great in your life. You need to verbalize your awareness of negativity because your words carry more weight than your thoughts alone.

That is why it is so important that you verbalize on a daily basis your goals and your dreams. Speak them consistently and you’ll believe them quicker. That’s what brings them to life. So, you have a bit of homework after reading this article today. Grab yourself a set of note cards. Start out with just (5) things to verbalize on a daily basis. Your daily affirmations should speak to your dreams and goals directly and you should speak them as they are, not as they will be. For example, if your goal is to start a new business in January this coming year, your affirmation would not be that you are going to start a business, it would be something like, “I am a successful new business owner. I have a successful and profitable business. I am gaining new customers every day” or “Why am I such a successful business owner?” “Why are my business profits increasing every month?” “Why are my new customers bringing me new customers who are crazy about my business?”

Your Thoughts Speak Loud!

Begin this practice daily and watch your dreams come to life before your eyes. This will help your thoughts begin to speak for you in a positive way!  This has given you access into how to make sure your thoughts speak so loud that it manifest in your life as awesome results!

Be Well,

P.S.  Your affirmations are only as strong as you believe they are, when you're saying them feel them as real!  If this was helpful to you share it, comment below, and I'd like to hear your thoughts over a nice cup of coffee!